Several of the clayers had first met at pottery classes and Cate had met an established potter at a local artist support group.   In the process of setting up her basement studio, and finding that pursuing solitary activity below ground level wasn’t very appealing, she invited her friends to come and play in the clay at her place.  Everyone was willing to share supplies and tools, as well as give help and encouragement regarding clay projects.

Word got out that a bunch of women were playing in the clay and many others asked to join the fun and were welcomed!  Finally Chris, (The Husband of Cate), said to Cate "When are you going to stop bringing strangers home?"  So after searching madly for appropriate space, the clayers set up their joint studio in the M&M Press Bldg., located at 37 Milford St. in Hamilton, NY.  Over time clayers have come and gone, but some have stayed members of Clay Expressions, whether they have moved, like Susan Sessions or returned to their own studio, like Cate Valk

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