Susanne Farrington
2788 Johnny Cake Hill Rd
Hamilton, NY 13346
(315) 824-1106  

"I produce functional pottery such as mugs, bowls, and colanders.  My work is know for its practical simplicity, comfortable handles, and animal decorations executed in a calligraphic style.  My wares are microwave safe, oven-proof, and lead-free". 

Susanne Farrington

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The small teapots of Susanne Farrington are thrown on the potter's wheel, and hand-assembled using individually-rolled spouts, making every teapot unique.  Since they have lead-free, non-toxic glazes, these teapots are ready for functional use.  Each holds about 2 cups of water.Image07.jpg (47364 bytes)

It is best to first preheat with some hot tap water added to the teapot.  When your tea water reaches a boil in a separate vessel on the stove, empty the preheat water, add loose tea or a teabag to the teapot, and pour in the boiling water.  (Microwaving is not recommended.)

The teapots are either high-fired to stoneware density, or low-fired as porous, more fragile earthenware  decorated with hand-brushed colorful glazes.  The stoneware teapots  have been dipped in a uniform coat of glaze which, during the firing becomes fluid at peak temperature, subtly highlighting finger ridges made when the clay was soft.

Image10.jpg (42588 bytes)A two-step firing treatment has been given to the smoky-colored teapots.  These have been glazed white and high-fired, then packed with sawdust in a brick enclosure outside.  When the sawdust is well ignited, a lid is placed on top of the enclosure, resulting in a smoldering burn at low temperatures which leaves permanent smoke marks in the clay and lacy networks of crackles in the glaze.

Decorative & Collectable, yet Functional, the miniature teapots by Susanne Farrington are individually hand-made. As each teapot is sold, its Website picture will be removed.

Available at:

Hamilton Farmers Market,  May through October
Hamilton Whole Foods, (315) 824-2930
Picture Perfect, Canajoharie (315) 673-3066



You may phone (315) 824-1106 to make an appointment to visit my studio and see all kinds of Susanne Farrington pottery.

 Description of Teapot-making to accompany the photos:
 (check back real soon! photos will soon be here for your viewing pleasure!)

These teapots are entirely hand-made.  No molds or forms are ever used.  First, the teapot body and lid are thrown on the potters wheel, then trimmed.  A spout is made by skewering a lump of clay on a dowel and rolling it on a table until the hole has sufficiently been enlarged.  Slip out the dowel and dry the spout until it nearly matches the firmness of the teapot body, "leather-hard".  

The spout is trimmed for a snug fit against the curve of the teapot. Slushy clay is applied to the base of the perfectly-fitting spout  to imprint its position against the teapot. The hole is cut in the wall at that location, and the spout fastened. 

 Next, a handle is "pulled" from pliable clay and attached.  Lids have generally been matched to teapots by this stage.  

The teapot is then thoroughly dried and bisque-fired, which gives the clay wet-strength to withstand glazing.  Glaze is applied to each teapot by dipping, or by bushing; brushing is a time-intensive process.

They are fired again to make the glaze permanent, glossy, and colorful. The  pit-fired teapots are given a third firing, outdoors in a brick and metal enclosure packed with sawdust and other burnables which smolder at least a day and give a smoky, ancient appearance to the wares.

Call (315) 824-1106 

Farrington is an active member of the Syracuse Ceramic Guild & Clay Expressions

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